Ahoy thar mateys! Hope you had a great weekend!

I decided to award myself Saturday off, seeing as how the Domestic Abuse article was well-received (and I like to think my illustrations contributed a little bit to that!). So I did some gardening, as the weather was so nice.

I managed to pull a muscle in my back and set my lawnmower on fire.


BUT, I got a bay leaf tree planted, six marigolds, one honeysuckle and a clematis in the ground, plus I re-rigged the solar lighting so I can see everything from the house in the evening now. I just need to finish mowing the lawn (2/3 of it is done, the other third is still rather long) and the garden will be good to go! Of course, if I can find someone to do a patio for me, I’ll be properly set for summer shenanigans.

Anyway, best be off – back to the grind, etc etc. Cheerio for now folks, and I’ll see you again on Friday!