Ahoy hoy folks! Hope you’re all doing well – This isn’t a holdover because I’m still being lazy by the way, this was a genuinely scheduled Extra page to break up the previous block of story from the next, final block 😛 Hope you’re getting excited for the Mei Wu comic coming after this! I know I am, we get to meet a couple of bona-fide badasses in it 😀

Anyway, as I’ve now moved into my own house and am settling in quite nicely (although my credit card is getting a severe amount of exercise getting all my appliances and whatnot), I thought I’d better start losing weight again. Remember when I was running Slimblog? Well, I’m basically approaching it the same way – eat a smaller amount of a balanced diet, just over 1000 calories a day, do half an hour’s exercise Monday-Thursday, drink plenty of water, and let myself indulge a little on Fridays (on the basis that the human stomach can only hold so much). read more