Hooray! [Spoiler in case of people somehow reading news posts before the comic] Fliss is back! How I’ve missed you, my little foxy friend. Wait… Mara has to trade her life in order to rescue Fliss? Oh dear, do I really have to choose between my two favourite characters? I simply can’t… But fortunately I have this handy dandy poll software installed…

[poll id=”2″]

Just kidding 😛

As you can tell, a) I’m in significantly better spirits than I was on Monday (apologies if I brought anyone down with my down-ness), and b) I’m on a bit of a Batman kick at the moment. Maybe it’s the prospect of Dark Knight Rises coming soon (Yes, I will be DOUBLE CHECKING THE RELEASE DATE next time we go to the cinema), or maybe it’s just that time of year. Either way, I’m playing Arkham City, finally, which is by and far one of the most entertaining video games I’ve ever played. Props to their rendition of the Penguin, who is probably my favourite villain in the game by virtue of how HORRIBLE he is written to be. THAT’S how you write a true Batman villain! Plus, I’m having hours and hours of hilarity stalking the inmates of Arkham City and listening to Bender shouting curses at Batman. read more