Now, I’m sure that many of you will have noticed (unless you’ve got some clever scripting that excludes such things from the site) that I have a twitter account (that never really gets updated unless I’m tweeting about a comic page going up) and a Facebook page (which gets updated a little more frequently with bonus art, but for some reason isn’t directly linked to and is something I should sort out).

Part of the reason I don’t update these accounts so often is because I’m not hugely sure what to put on there! So I’m looking for suggestions. Do you guys want me to update these more frequently? What sort of thing should I put up there that would interest you? Are you interested in what I’m drawing, how I’m drawing it, what ideas I’ve come up with that day? Hell, do you want to know what I’m eating, what games I’m playing? 😛 Let me know! I’d love the chance to engage more with the community, and I’m fully aware that I’m not using the social media stuff to its fullest. I just don’t want to try and force it, really. I want to put more up there that you guys want to see. read more