So, the new Doctor has been announced, and it’s cute’n’cuddly Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, most recognised for his role in political satire The Thick Of It.

Now, I stopped watching Dr. Who a fair while ago. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t because the show’s quality declined, I just found myself less and less motivated to watch the programme. With Capaldi on board, however, things might just well change. For a start, they’ve gone for an older Doctor again, which will lend a lot more gravitas to the role; for all the brilliance that David Tennant and Matt Smith have brought, they do feel like they are somewhat geared towards a younger audience. Capaldi definitely appeals to older viewers, and opens up the possibility of writing more mature scripts (and I’m talking mature like documentaries about the industrial revolution, not mature like the shagfest that is Torchwood). read more