Well, I mentioned on Monday that after my upsetting weekend, I’d try and be more upbeat like normal on today’s post. However, I don’t feel this week’s really given us much to be upbeat and normal about.

I’m not going to launch into sanctimonious bleating about how the majority of muslims are moderates – I trust you all to know this, because you’re good guys and gals. What saddens me most is the tragic loss of fledgling life in the Peshwari school murders. How anyone, no matter how twisted or cruel, can justify the wholesale slaughter of those too young to be a threat, to be an influence, is compeltely beyond me. I cannot comprehend the blind, mindless, sickness that must go on in the heads of these boils upon humanity’s face. So much promise, cut short. So many young lives altered irrevocably. The teachers who died in horrible and painful manners; it all depresses me deeply. read more