One thing that I’ve never actually done before is practice life drawing. Of course, I’ve sketched models from photographs, particularly when I was learning more about musculature, but I’ve never actually sat down in front of a life model and drawn them.

During last week’s business trip (which I’m still recovering from, I suspect, thanks to a cold contracted either while there or on the way back) I met up with a good pal o’ mine, and wandered along to a life-drawing class with him. It was a pretty interesting experience, and was actually pretty challenging for me. I’ve never reallyworked with a subject that changed over time – aside from a couple of sketches done while waiting for friends in caf├ęs, all I’ve ever drawn or painted has been done from photographs, landscapes, or still-life. This was completely new to me, but I think the results turned out quite well! What do you think? read more