So, just under a week after its release, I’ve finally finished watching all 13 episodes of Marvel/Netflix’s latest superhero show, Jessica Jones. Also set in midtown New York (well, all over New York city really), Jessica Jones is a private investigator whose mysterious and traumatic past not only begins to catch up with her, but actively hunts her down with creepy and increasingly personal mindgames.

I’m not going to say too much about the story, as I don’t want to spoil any of it for you, but I will highlight the series’ strengths: The show makes you care about all of the characters, from the leads to the background civilians (and you WILL care about the background civilians by the end). But this isn’t some sort of saccharine, hope-filled “let’s-all-get-along” show that lesser studios might produce. Sure, the heroine is sympathetic – but she’s also bitter, cynical, and crass, perhaps even beyond the justifications of her incredibly traumatic backstory. Simultaneously the villain (played by local lad David Tennant, squee) is an incredibly well-groomed and charming monster of the highest order, an unrepentant control freak who doesn’t realise the harm and havoc that he wreaks, with his own horrific childhood story to conveniently blame all his failings for. read more