So, on Tuesday night I went to see Marvel’s latest cinematic offering, Guardians of the Galaxy. I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from the film; I mean, I consider myself reasonably well-versed in much of the Marvel universe, but I had never heard of this franchise before.

‘Eh,’ I thought, ‘I enjoyed all the other Marvel films I’ve watched. Why not give this oneĀ  a go? Everyone’s saying good things about it.

Oh how glad I am that I saw it. It. Is. PHENOMENAL. A slightly sluggish start notwithstanding, it is an action-packed and HILARIOUS adventure across space. It really puts a sense of subversive joy back into science-fiction, a lovely roguey grime that few modern films have. The writing was spot-on, every performance was fantastic, and the CGI (while pretty much everywhere) was outstanding. read more