Hey all!

Hope you’re all doing okay, and that everybody’s well and keeping themselves occupied! I was doing a bit of idle research today, for an idea that I’ll get to work on in about fifty years’ time no doubt. But I discovered something really cool! Have you heard of Forest Farming? It’s such an incredibly cool concept that allows for large tracts of land to be used for agriculture while sustaining a diverse, almost natural ecosphere! Now, I’m sure that it probably has lower yields and higher costs than conventional agriculture, but I really like the idea of being able to use the land within a forest for sustainable crop growing, and that it’s something that we might be able (or possibly be pushed to) practice in the future. A canopy of trees providing us with oxygen, managed carefully by well-trained and knowledgable workers who trim the crowns, letting enough sunlight reach the slightly tilled soil to germinate new crops. Doesn’t that sound almost idyllic? read more