Woo! Another weekend, and this time round a bunch of us Manchester-based comic folk are getting together. Art is so much mroe fun when done in groups: While generally I tend to work on my own, this is generally more because I can’t find somebody with enough free time to commit to the project. When you do find that ace collaborater though, you can feel the synergy working, piecing everything together to build something truly great.

One of my favourite collaborators, interestingly enough, is a gent I have yet to meet in person. His name is Rich Fuscia, a professional illustrator and artist from the US. I first worked with him on a submission to Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine, ‘Emmeline The Butcher’s Daughter’, after I posted up a synopsis of the story and Rich offered to team up with me on it. The end results were fantastic: He captured perfectly the mid-20th century gothic look I had carried around in my head while I wrote the script. His attention to detail is beyond compare, and his characterisation is superb. read more