Don’t get me wrong: I friggin love CSI. My favourite by far is CSI Miami, pretty much purely because of Horatio. He’s a badass mofo, right up there with Hercule Poirot.

I’ve never done any detailed analysis on the writing in CSI, normally I just have them on in the background while I draw or write. Every once in a while though, one just catches my attention. Today it’s an episode about a bomber targetting the bomb squad, and as much as I love the show I’m not sure about this episode. I mean, in every show, you’re going to find yourself shouting things at the screen if somebody does something blatantly stupid, but when a bomb disposal expert tells Horatio that they’ll catch up over beers later BEFORE GOING INTO A HOUSE TO DEFUSE A BOMB has really just dug their own grave. NAAAAAARGH! read more