Since this is the internet, and I have a generally good grasp of Elf Blood’s general audience, I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the nominally-childrens’ cartoon Adventure Time. Note the use of the word ‘nominally’ there, as Adventure Time has proven extremely popular with a wide range of ages, from high school students to grown, mature professionals.

Why is a weird show like Adventure Time so popular? I’ll tell you why: It unleashes the child within us again, by forging a world both fantastical and familiar to anyone who has spent time in an imaginary world in their early years; A group that, I hope, should include EVERYONE. In this world, anything can happen, and everything works out for the best with an action-packed scrap or two along the way with a cast of bizarre and endearing characters. Is this not what we used to do when we were younger and more fun? It’s such an appealing thing to us, as students and working adults, to be reminded of a time when we didn’t have so much to worry about. When nobody depended on us, and all we had to do was spend a few hours a day learning and the rest playing or sleeping or eating. read more