Let’s get roguey!

I love videogames; those of you who have been paying attention probably know this already, but I’m always happy to profess my enjoyment of gaming. Unfortunately, these days and for fairly obvious reasons I tend to be able to play games only while having dinner, just before bed or at the weekends. My gaming time is therefore fairly limited, and the types of game that I like to play has been affected somewhat.

I love strong narrative in games, and games that allow a great depth of freedom to explore. The temptation with these games is to sink hours and hours into the experience; I’ve done this many a time with the Metros, STALKERS, and Elder Scrolls of the world, sometimes to the detriment of my art time (and most definitely to the detriment of my sleeping time). These games are now the ones that I tend to play only at the weekends, for fear of compromising my fairly strict artistic schedule. read more