Fewer and fewer young people are taking up science and engineering as a career.

This is a topic that has reared its head numerous times over the last few years, and is a particular issue in the UK. It’s no secret among any industry especially the power industry which I work in, that the workforce is ageing with little to no new blood coming in to replace those retiring or otherwise leaving. Now, I know I’m hardly the best person to address this, being an engineering graduate who no longer engineers, is desperately trying to become a professional writer and artist, and who has absolutely no standing professionally whatsoever. But! Don’t mistake my desire for a more artistic career as dislike for my existing career. If anything, I’m bloody grateful for having been trained and am working in a highly technical field, as I feel it’s prepared me well for writing by giving me an expanded view of the world. And I’m incredibly keen to see young people head towards it as a career! read more