Good news! My weekend wasn’t so horribly eaten up by Civ that you didn’t get a page today!

That’s not to say that Beyond Earth isn’t as addictive as its predecessors. It’s very much a game in the Civ V mould, which isn’t massively surprising – in fact, the entire premise of the game essentially screams Alpha Centauri on the Civ V engine.

Okay, those are the negative points. Let’s talk about the AWESOME STUFF!

The premise of the game is that you are in charge of a colony that, after Earth fails and is evacuated, lands on a suitable alien planet to begin life anew. You must contend with hostile alien wildlife, an often inhospitable landscape, and the conniving machinations of other colonies that are aiming to establish themselves on this new planet. The setting, as a whole, carries with it a mix of both sadness and genuine joyful curiosity, which makes each and every one of your rival colonies seem sympathetic – even the more warlike ones. read more