As requested, I’ve had a bit of a dig around my archives, and I’ve found a few bits and pieces of my work from before Elf Blood. Be prepared to cringe.

Myr Id Ya Minuit

The earliest example I could find (and was willing to show), Myr Id Ya Minuit was a tabletop RPG I developed. The setting involved the aftermath of a collision between heaven, hell and earth, resulting in a post-apocalyptic wasteland dotted with megacities. Science-Fantasy, with very high fantasy elements.

MIYM Kell Ann Jones and Sciannah Mercy

 Organ Grinda

The best developed of any of my comics before I did Elf Blood, Organ Grinda is a gritty biopunk drama about Ty Cool, a street hunter who hunts down enemies of the corrupt police state in exchange for a license to brew illicit drugs from the organs of those she kills on the way. Ty Cool, rescued from the horrors of child prostitution by her lifelong friend and partner in crime Lil’ Red, is by and far one of my favourite characters ever, because no matter the monster she has become, there’s something so soft and sympathetic about her. The surrounding cast was quite quirky as well. I’m definitely going to revisit this property at some point, though I don’t think I’ll be using the leetspeak style for the dialogue as it’s bloody hard to understand.

Organ Grinda Page

Ty Cool and Lil' Red


Felicity 'Footloose' Fogarty, another Street Hunta


Grrl Friday, Ty Cool's mechanic


I liked illustrating Grrl Friday, apparently.


META was a pretty dark tabletop RPG I never quite got around to finishing. It concerned the conflicts between different religious factions in a floating city, and the struggles of the good to resist the pull of corruption lest they be Forsaken by their Gods. I ran one game, and it was pretty awesome actually. Proper horror. Maybe one day.

Some churches took to the corruption more than others. They were not 'Good'.

Forsaken were, basically, vampires. Proper ones, though.

 Wolf Runner

Yeah, I’ve saved the most shameful for last. Not in terms of artwork, but in story; Wolf Runner was an erotic graphic novel I was working on, though the art as you can see was fairly unsexy. The story was pretty good though: A man seeks out a wild girl he encountered in his youth, discovers that she has risen to lead her pack of wolves, and is taken on as her mate briefly, before being slaughtered to provide food for the pack once he has outlived his usefulness in allowing her to bear a child. I might actually revisit doing this one, as the story is actually quite a tragic, primal, wilderness romance.

Wolf Runner. I can't remember if this is past or present Wolf Runner.