There’s one thing that doing a webcomic twice-a-week teaches you, and that is that you must always be adapting and learning, improving upon yourself and your abilities to keep people reading. For me, the majority of my learning has been in the art; It’s fairly obvious from flicking to and from the first page to the most recent one that my style has improved substantially over the last couple of years.

What I want to do now is to really get to grips with and refine my writing. I do consider myself more of a writer than an artist, but the way in which I create Elf Blood makes the quality of the writing suffer somewhat. I have the plans worked out on a page-by-page basis, but I don’t actually write the script page until the week of production. While this permits me to incorporate changes and recommendations easily, I feel it doesn’t allow me to give as much attention as it, and you the readers, deserve.

When I write a more contiguous piece of script, such as for Memecasters and Lemon Candies, I tend to have the page-by-page plotline first, then I’ll spend two solid weeks or more just focussing writing the script. Once that’s done, it’ll be read and further refined a couple more times, just to make sure that it flows correctly, logically and enjoyably. This way, I can really iron out kinks in the plot and in the dialogue.

I’m going to adopt this approach to the next storyline, ‘Dreamland’, which will be a KO Twins-centred arc with a B-Story that I’m not going to reveal just yet. Mara will feature much more prominently in the arc than she has done here, and will further explore the relationship between her and SKO, between the Renegades and the Council, and between King’s Cruelty and his Conscience. Because of the nature of the villains, however, there is significant room for absolute rubbish being output. You guys are worth much more than that! I wanna do it right for you, so I’m going to do the best job I can on it!

Anyway, I shall leave you with that for now and bid you adieu! IT’S FRIDAYY! WOO! LET’S GO OUT AND PARTYoh wait, more print layouts. Suffer for your art indeed!