It barely needs saying, but the world has gone absolutely mental in the week since the last page. Yesterday’s terrorist attack in Spain was sickening, a continuation of misplaced, pointless, indiscriminate violence that does nothing but reinforce the powerbase of unhinged maniacs at the expense of innocent lives.

And last weekend’s Nazi rallies. Aiyaa. Nope, there is no calling them anything else – they’re Nazis. And all sorts of apologists came crawling out.


And, with the newly revived threat of nuclear chaos being unleashed upon us, it all makes for some very depressing existing.

But, don’t lose hope. When the shit is hitting the fan, look for those people who are helping others, look for those who are protecting and assisting, look for those who defend against those who would destroy.

And as to anger – Now is the time to get angry. I’m sick and tired of being told “I’m too angry” when I get wound up about racism, bigotry, and injustice – usually by majority folks, too. Being nice to absolutely everyone is what lets people like the Charlotteville Nazis feel emboldened, accepted. They pretend to support freedom of speech, as if they wouldn’t clamp down on the rights of people they perceive to be inferior, or undeserving. It’s infuriating.

Sure, I totally support everyone’s right to expound their beliefs. Just don’t be surprised if, upon learning that you think I am a stain upon existence, I call you a moron and denounce you. And when you encourage violence against me, and people like me, don’t be surprised if 1 – the authorities get involved and, if they do nothing but stand on the sidelines, 2 – we fight to defend ourselves.

I do not say this lightly. I come from a police family. Both my parents were high-ranking officers back east. I believe fervently that the police should be a force for good, for crime prevention. But recent events make me question the actual efficacy of police departments in the US in particular.

Anyway, this is an unstructured rant – it probably doesn’t help anything much. But I hope it gives a little insight into the frustration that I feel. Sure, I may not be black, or muslim, or arabic, or jewish. But if I don’t speak up now… Well, if you’re ever in NYC, go to the Museum of Chinese in America. Go check out the post WWII section. See how quickly they turn on us.

Stay safe, everyone. And reach out – help those who need it, and condemn those who would persecute.