Hey everybody! It’s new Elf Blood story page time, yay!

Having taken a little break from doing sequential art, and dropping the webcomic to 1 page a week has really let me find the fun in doing these again – I’m able to put time into other things, which is letting me fulfil a lot of other creative needs. That’s not to say I’m done growing in my artwork, not at all – but having time to explore other things helps my creativity over all. For example, my interest in film-making is feeding back into my artwork, via colour grading and ‘shot’ composition. I’m able to do a bit more writing too, which obviously helps my comic work, and I’m even getting back into music composition. Which doesn’t help my comics, it just reminds me where I’ve come from :)

Hope you enjoy today’s page! Obviously, this story is set in the Village, so destroyed urban landscapes will abound – I might do some studies of some urban-heavy manga, as I’m not wholly happy with the linework in this page. However, I think I’m getting the shapes, the visual ‘interestingness’, and the textures a lot better than I used to. Besides, studying can’t hurt anyway :)

Right! I might sneak in some synthesiser design before I hit the hay… Have a great week, everyone, and I’ll see you next Friday for the next page of Elf Blood: Lost Pleiad!