Hola folks! Hope you’re doing well!

Today, I’m going to do something I don’t do very often – pontificate about beer. Now, you all know I’m quite the foodie – I love eating as much as I enjoy making food. However, when it comes to alcohol, apart from cocktails, I’m relatively ignorant of the finer points of craft brews, small batches, etc. etc. I tend to try different things and stick to what I like best (Dry beers and lagers and dark rums, largely).

But I tried a new beer this week that absolutely. Blew. My. MIND. It’s so good I haven’t shut up about it to my friends and family! I’ve been drinking Drygate Brewery‘s core range for about a year now – I’m a fan of their Bearface Lager and their Axe Man Rye IPA (and I’m not normally an IPA fan). And I’ve been trying some from their new ‘Studio’ range recently – without all that much success.

Then I tried their Orinoco Breakfast Stout. It’s a wonderful porter beer that’s not heavy at all, with a very crisp taste and the most amazing coffee aroma in the aftertaste. Yep, coffee! It’s so weird and amazing, and it totally works. It gives a rich flavour and is very easy to drink. Now, I know it’s a Glasgow-based brewery, but I’m sure it’s available at least across the UK, and maybe even in specialist stores across the world. If you can get your hands on it, I’d definitely give it a punt – you will not regret it!

Anyway, I’d best head off for now. Have a great one, folks, and I’ll see you again on Monday for more Mei Wu!