Hey everyone, so sorry to do this, but I’m still recovering from my week away and just could not focus on drawing anything today. Instead, have some sketches I did while I was in Toronto – fantastic city, by the way, absolutely brilliant and filled with the friendliest people I’ve ever met outside of Scotland! Oh, and total props to King’s Noodle Restaurant on Spadina, absolutely delicious Chinese food. I could’ve sworn I was back in Hong Kong…

Anyway, unfortunately I have to inform you that the next month might see a fair few more of these interruptions. I’ll always try and have some kind of sketch or something to tide you over, but in all honesty I’d much rather be illustrating my stories than palming you off on minor sketches and stuff! Suffice to say, I have a lot of serious thinking to do about the way my life is going – I’ve already had an excellent chat with my folks, who’re just the most supportive, understanding, yet brutally honest people in the world.

Stay tuned! And I guarantee you a page of Mei Wu on Friday :)

Ciao ciao!