Hey everyone! Well, we’re getting through this issue of Mei Wu at a blistering pace, now that I’m not being sent here there and everywhere :) And we’re actually nearing the end! It’ll be a few weeks, right enough, but I think that gives me just enough time to whet your appetites for the next Elf Blood story :)

Who’s up for another story diving into the seedy underbelly of the local magical community, The Village? Who actually REMEMBERS the last time I actually used it in a story? This story will focus in on the Pleiades – which means you’ll be introduced to two whole new characters 😀 It also sets the scene and introduces some elements for a major – MAJOR – plot point in the story afterwards. I hope you enjoy intrigue and asskicking 😀

Anyways, enough babbling. I’ve gotta go and figure out who I’m supporting for the rest of the playouts now that the Caps are out, Leafs are out, Rangers are out, and I can’t even annoy my boss by supporting whoever the Canadiens are playing…

Have a great weekend, everyone :)