Hey everyone! After much consideration, I’ve finally accepted a quote for printing for two new books! Really looking forward to selling print work again, and I’m REALLY keen to start tabling at conventions and comic fairs!

I will, of course, be selling these online as well, just as soon as I can figure out how – I’ve seen other creators using Etsy, but does anyone have any rough-and-ready suggestions I can go and research in addition? It’d help shave a few days off my search :)

Once Bonnie Words 1 and Horror Buffet 1 are printed, I then have a couple of options to pursue after this (Thought Bubble competition notwithstanding) – Do I complete Horror Buffet 2? Do I complete Bonnie Words 2? Do I make a start on a new horror one-shot titled “Bigger Fish”? Or do I make a start on my Hot Vinyl series of stickers?

I thiiiiink I’m leaning towards getting the stickers sorted, because I think that’d be a good thing to sell at conventions and the like. But, of course, it’s brand new territory as well, and comes with its own learning curve!

Anyways. Excitement all around! All that’s left right now is the waiting 😀

Cheerio folks, and I’ll see you on Friday!