Hey everyone! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and a wonderful easter, if that’s the kind of thing you celebrate! Me, I had a nice lunch with the family – which took up most of the day, so I’m literally only just finishing today’s page now, and I haven’t actually been to bed… Fortunately, I’ve adapted to sleeping in this chair, so I’ll need to go, have a shower and some breakfast, and tackle a little bit of dayjob work (important people, presentatons, not enough time) before I start doing my own stuff today!

Now, I didn’t create myself a quest list for this weekend, because it’s too short, but I DID get some stuff done that I said I was going to do last Friday!

  • Bought pastels and charcoal, had a bash at some charcoal drawing, reasonably pleased with the results and will continue practicing.
  • Went to Rishi’s and ordered something different for once, the Onion Rava Dhosa. Was amazing.
  • Acquired a new Lego set, the Chicago Skyline architecture set. Might tackle that today, actually.

What do I hope to get done today? Work a little more on Horror Buffet, maybe do a little more musical work since I haven’t touched that in a while.

Anyways, have a great week, everyone, and I’ll see you on Friday for more Mei Wu!