Phew! Probably the most stretched-out page I’ve ever done. Sorry it took so long to get this out, folks, but I’ve been really busy both at work and socially, but hopefully now I’ll be able to get back into my creative groove :)

So glad it’s a bank holiday weekend – gonna take some time to recharge and do stuff I don’t normally get the chance to do. Gonna take a trip into Glasgow, grab some new pastels, maybe a bit of lego architecture if there’s any new sets, hit up Rishi’s for some dhosa, do some pastel drawing, some music composition, some gaming… You know, the usual way I relax, by planning to do far too much at one time 😛

Oh, and also, anyone watching the hockey? I hereby declare: GO CAPS! 😀 Who’re you all supporting in the playoffs?

Ciao for now, and I’ll see you again on Monday!