Hi everyone, sorry again for the schedule slip – I’ve had an incredibly busy weekend, covering the Paisley Comic Con and also visiting my Grandpa and helping out my Gran – Grandpa unfortunately took a bit of a tumble at home and is in the hospital, but don’t worry, he’s not hurt! Just very bored in his hospital bed.

I absolutely guarantee a page next Friday, I’ve been very slowly working on the next page of Mei Wu, but because of the aforementioned weekend activities, it’s either push this further down the line or stay up all night and be knackered at work the next day, which has a knock-on effect throughout the week :(

Don’t despair though! Why not take a look at the Gallus Geeks Facebook page to see the amazing Paisley Comic Con 2017? It was great fun, and there were a lot of people in attendance!

Right, I really must drag myself into bed to avoid ye olde burnout. Don’t worry folks – I have a plan to address all the extra things I’m doing with my creative time. It’s so very cunning in its simplicity – but it does involve me saving up money for a while :)

Also, I’m quite close to selecting a printer for my print work, which I’m really looking forward to get out. Especially since it means I’ll be able to start tabling at conventions 😀

Cheerio for now folks, and have a great work! Guaranteed page on Friday!