I’ve had the server up for just under a week, now, and y’know what? I’m glad I moved hosts. It’s faster, it gives me more for my money, it gives me more control over the site, and it no longer goes down for an hour every day.

It’s not just beneficial for you guys reading the comic; It’s a massive burden off my shoulders as well. Because I no longer worry about the actual functions of the site, I can focus my efforts on writing the next storyline, on drawing the next page, on finishing the other work I’ve got going on. It’s amazing how much more positive I feel about creating and creativity; to be honest, before I pushed myself to migrate the site I was having a serious think about what I was doing with my life. Was it really worth chasing a creative dream when I could invest that time in, say, climbing the career ladder, finding a partner, raising a family?

Of course, the answer was ‘Yes! It’s totally worth it!’. Even if I had server problems and I couldn’t bring you the comic, I still have the fact that, for three years, I’ve entertained thousands of people across the world. I still have the things I’ve learned from the comic. And, most importantly, I still love writing and drawing! That’s ultimately what I want to do with my life; To tell stories. And although I have to balance the responsibilities of being a creator with those of working a dayjob (which, to be fair, I really enjoy), the fact of the matter is that without stories I would not be the same person.

Anyway, it’s a bank holiday today, so I’ll be using this opportunity to rebuild the Elf Blood buffer and start on the final page of Ludwig & Lucia! It’s gonna be good, people!