How-doodly folks! Hope you’re all doing well. Sorry for all the interruptions as of recent – Sort of a combination of work, dieting fatigue (but I’m 3 kg down, so yay me!), terrible sleeping, and rather shamefully a bit too much XCOM2. Should improve from now on, now that I’ve made some changes!

Should be a fun weekend ahead – I’m experimenting with colouring and flavouring chocolate, and am planning on making some fancy chocolates to share with my coworkers. It’s been a while since I last made chocolates, but I do enjoy it so!

I’m also going to be sorting out my non-Elf Blood comics, in preparation for a round of self-publishing. I’ve made a couple of good contacts so far, but I really need to put myself out there, and the great thing about Scotland (and, to be fair, the north of England), is that there are PLENTY of little comic cons and craft fairs that I should be taking advantage of to exhibit and sell my work, and generally get my name out.

Anyhoozles, best head off to work now. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh, also, I’m a LOT more active on Twitter now, so if you’re in the mood, why don’t you follow me @ChrisLauManson ?