Holiday time is upon me again, hooray! So, as usual, here is a list of things for me not to get accomplished:

  • MAIN QUEST: Complete a 5-page competition entry for this year’s Millarworld Talent Search.
  • FACTION QUEST: Finish off the music production for the Gallus Geeks (more information on what I’m doing there later!)
  • FACTION QUEST: Complete my current series of Let’s Play videos for the Gallus Geeks.
  • FACTION QUEST: Complete the video intros for the Gallus Geeks
  • CHARACTER QUEST: Continue on diet (I’m doing quite well this time, I’m almost at my first milestone!)
  • SIDEQUEST: Work on my Horror Buffet comics
  • SIDEQUEST: Tidy up house
  • MISC: Make bread, make chilli

Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal a little bit more about what Gallus Geeks is all about, but I think you guys will like it. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

For now, though, I bid you adieu – Friday is relaxed-diet-but-let’s-not-go-mental day, and I have thoroughly been looking forward to it…

Ciao friends!