Oh dear, it’s now quarter to 2AM, and that’s me just finished this page for upload! I really must manage my time better. Ah well, it’s all in a good cause, and I’m sure once life in general settles down a bit I can get back into a sensible routine!

News-wise, I’m not gonna cover much, as I should probably hit the hay for a few hours before a morning meeting that I should probably stay awake throughout. What I will say are the following!

  • Slimblog starts again tomorrow! Thanks to the efforts of Captain.Cat and my good pal and colleague Dan G, I’ve been motivated to resume my diet and get my weight back down. I was doing so well before, I should be able to do it again!
  • I’ve been tinkering with some videos, so come Monday I should have a ‘making of’ video for the most recent Elf Blood Extra! Hopefully you’ll find it interesting to see how I work! I do warn you though, my camera and camerawork are… Not exactly brilliant 😛 It’s something I’ll learn as I go along, I’m sure!
  • I managed to hold a very brief conversation with the bot on our IRC channel last night before realising I wasn’t talking to my mate. Does that mean the bot passed the Turing Test, or did I somehow fail it?

Otherwise, enjoy today’s page, and have a great weekend everybody! Toodles!