Hullo all, just a brief rant for today, mostly on how nice it’ll be once things in my life settle down and stop being complicated.

It’s a moderate annoyance that we can never simply focus on what we want to do out of life. I know it’s an idealistic sentiment, but wouldn’t it be absolutely delightful if rather than have to work for money which then goes to people who have more money than you just so that you don’t freeze to death out on the street? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could focus on that which gives us joy and forsake the worries of the day-to-day slog, the eternal fight for existence?

I suppose it’s just human nature. We can never get anything without giving something of equal or greater value in return, that’s just basic survival instinct and is unfortunately perfectly logical. Throw into that the fact that, if given the chance, many if not most people would simply squander their lives away in meaningless pursuits, never to contribute to the knowledge or accomplishments of humankind, or to he happiness of others.

I guess all you really can do is prepare; Bear with the immediate problems, plan for the future ones, and keep working hard until you can afford to be secure in life. Never let yourself get knocked down, and if you do, pick yourself back up again, dust yourself off and charge on ahead. Life is a horrific experience… If you don’t fight to make something of it.

Oh, and I may be moving flats in a month or so. Don’t worry though, I’m working up a buffer to cover the comic, so normal service should continue! I just may be more stressed, is all!