I promised you a couple of articles – one silly, and one a bit more serious. This is the silly one.

After much study and academic thought, I hereby declare Friendship is Magic’s Princess Luna as Best Pony. Why, you ask? Because she strikes an almost perfect balance between being impressive and insecure.

I mean, yes, she is a living goddess who could enslave all of Equestria to do her bidding – but she doesn’t exercise that in the present. Rather, the time in the past when she reigned as a dark queen was marked as the result of jealousy and an ill-deserved sense of inferiority. And who hasn’t been in the position where they have done something they regret because they felt they were being neglected or underappreciated?

There’s also the fact that she actually seems to HAVE godly responsibilities. The fact that they’re actually sort of mundane appeals to both the worker and the fantasy lover inside all of us. She watches over her subjects’ dreams, and helps guide along those who have trouble resolving them, or overcoming the challenges they face in the dream world. Not only does this lend her a particularly heroic aspect, it’s treated as something that she does for everypony, and that she enjoys seeing her subjects have sweet dreams – a far cry from her previous incarnation as Nightmare Moon.

So, to sum: Luna is such an appealing character because she is a Flawed Goddess of Darkness, with a heart of Solid Gold. She has her own personality quirks and flaws that often interfere with her other, godlike abilities and keep her tied to earth. She also maintains an air of aloofness and authority, while in reality being incredibly closely in-touch with her subjects.

And that’s why Princess Luna is best pony. Feel free to challenge me with your own reasoning 😛

Toodle-oo for now, folks!