So, on Tuesday night I went to see Marvel’s latest cinematic offering, Guardians of the Galaxy. I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from the film; I mean, I consider myself reasonably well-versed in much of the Marvel universe, but I had never heard of this franchise before.

‘Eh,’ I thought, ‘I enjoyed all the other Marvel films I’ve watched. Why not give this oneĀ  a go? Everyone’s saying good things about it.

Oh how glad I am that I saw it. It. Is. PHENOMENAL. A slightly sluggish start notwithstanding, it is an action-packed and HILARIOUS adventure across space. It really puts a sense of subversive joy back into science-fiction, a lovely roguey grime that few modern films have. The writing was spot-on, every performance was fantastic, and the CGI (while pretty much everywhere) was outstanding.

I even think the planetary defence scene is my new Death Star run. I’m being perfectly serious there, it was EPIC.

I have no real specifics to try and entice you to see the film, other than to state that if you do NOT go and watch it, you will be missing out on a cultural event in our lifetime. It really is that good.

Oh, and remember to stay for the stinger after the credits. ESPECIALLY if you’re a true believer…