So, I’ve been working on a few things, as per usual, and since it’s the new year I’ve got a bit more energy to invest into my projects – something I fully intend to keep to, as well as expand my profile this year. I really want to start doing conventions, but something tells me I need to get a bit more known (and maybe improve my craft) before I’ll be able to do the ones I really want.

So, in the meantime, here’s my plan/dilemma: I’ll be focusing in on finishing off Horror Buffet issue 2, since there’s only a few pages left. The project AFTER that, however, is a little bit trickier: I’ve finally gotten the plot for Bonnie Words Issue 2 sorted, and I’ve started powering through the treatment for it. And I think it’ll be even better than Issue 1, and a lot more entertaining. But, I’ve also been working on the script for a graphic novel called Kopydogg, which is a fictionalised criticism of attitudes to the value of art in and outside of the community. I think it’ll be better received in terms of content than Bonnie Words – but it is about twice the length.

Maybe I’ll just finish Horror Buffet 2 first and see where my fancy takes me! Probably better to focus on the task at hand, anyway 😛

See you all next week for more Elfy action!