Aloha everybody! We’re nearing the end of the Dreamland Story Arc, so I thought I’d give you a little update on the upcoming story arc: Crush Depth!

Unfortunately I’ve not yet finished the actual script for the story, owing to having to deal with work work through lunchtimes when I’d normally be scripting. The detailed plot has been done for a while, though, and I’m about halfway complete on the script itself, so if I dedicate some time to working on it I’ll be able to get it done and reviewed before I start illustrating it!

Crush Depth is a bit of a break from the usual Elf Blood story type, being more of a straight-up adventure tale, Indiana Jones style. It’s not quite a standalone story; There’s some important character development that will become important later as a plot driver. I’m sure you’ll figure out what, in due course! I’ll be spending some time on Mara and Mint, exploring their relationship and personalities. Millie, the river spirit incarnum, gets a more central role, partially because I enjoy her character design itself, but also because there’s areas I’d like to flesh her character out in. We get to see two of the other previously mentioned but hitherto invisible elven races, the sea-dwelling Meeralfs and the Moorish-descendant Elmaazi.

Atlantis gets a look in too, and we get a little glimpse into this once-proud human (?) society and why it’s so important to both the Council’s Underwater Exploration Team and the Meeralfs.

All in all, it should be a fun, action-packed adventure with suitable amounts of Lovecraftian creepiness and guys and girls in form-fitting swimsuits! So stay tuned folks!