Holy shaving cream, Elf Blood is SIX YEARS OLD! Who knew that I’d still be going with this after starting in my waning university years?

Has it brought me fame and fortune? Well, no, but it has brought me a wealth of experience in writing and illustration, and most importantly – it’s brought me you guys. It always fills my heart with joy to see names reappear in the comments year after year, and I always get a little flutter of excitement when I see a new name chip in too!

People often ask me how I can continue doing all the work that I do – Elf Blood being the main item, but as you know I do an awful lot of other creative work as well. And honestly? I love entertaining people. I love it when you guys get involved, or show emotion for the characters or storyline. I love the fact that you’ve stuck with me and the comic, despite the wealth of other options available – despite the many flaws I’m constantly seeking to improve upon, I must be doing something at least a little bit right!

So do raise a glass, not just to Elf Blood, but to yourselves, the readers – without you, there would be nothing motivating me, and I thank you for supporting me throughout. Here’s to many years more of creativity and storytelling!