Ahoy hoy folks! Hope you’re all doing well – This isn’t a holdover because I’m still being lazy by the way, this was a genuinely scheduled Extra page to break up the previous block of story from the next, final block 😛 Hope you’re getting excited for the Mei Wu comic coming after this! I know I am, we get to meet a couple of bona-fide badasses in it 😀

Anyway, as I’ve now moved into my own house and am settling in quite nicely (although my credit card is getting a severe amount of exercise getting all my appliances and whatnot), I thought I’d better start losing weight again. Remember when I was running Slimblog? Well, I’m basically approaching it the same way – eat a smaller amount of a balanced diet, just over 1000 calories a day, do half an hour’s exercise Monday-Thursday, drink plenty of water, and let myself indulge a little on Fridays (on the basis that the human stomach can only hold so much).

Whether it’s ‘optimal’ or not or whether it fits in with the latest diet fad or not is largely immaterial to me. I successfully lost weight the last time I did this; it was rather unfortunate that it was interrupted by both a trip to Hong Kong and Christmas, which thoroughly obliterated my willpower to stay away from tasty food. On the plus side now, though, because I’m back up in Glasgow and nearer family and friends and whatnot, it’ll be a hell of a lot easier keeping my mood stable, so here’s hoping!

I’m of two minds whether or not I restart Slimblog. On the one hand, it was really good to be able to chart my progress and write about it, even if just for myself. On the other hand… How many projects do I have on the go right now? Maybe I’ll just wait and see how everything goes before I make a decision. In the meantime – soup for all!

Catch you all on Friday! Toodlepip!