Woo! It’s Friday once more! The end of a particularly tough week, one week closer to my little birthday trip back home to Glasgow, and another week closer to my tip back home-home to Hong Kong! I swear, the restaurants there won’t know what hit ’em.

Friday’s a particularly good day for me; We get to knock off early from work, and I don’t schedule any regular comic or writing work then, so I use the time to do a little shopping, maybe play some games with some friends, or work on some other piece of art. This weekend, I’ll be doing some more foamboard ink drawings. I’ve been choosing photos of more detailed cityscapes, to make sure there’s plenty of intricate shapes I can draw in to make the picture as interesting as possible.

Here’s one I did last weekend:

Harbour view from Victoria Peak

Harbour view from Victoria Peak


I’m quite pleased with how this one turned out; not only is it recognisable, I think that the detail I’ve put in is both accurate enough to be engaging, but abstract enough to be interesting. What you CAN’T see in this rendering of a photo I took, is the very, VERY solid curtain of rain that was approaching from the distance. And I didn’t have my umbrella. I got absolutely soaked 😛


Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend! If I get anything meaningful down on foamboard, I might put it up on Monday. Ciao for now!