Hullo all! I’m just going to keep the post short and sweet today, as I’d quite like to get a spot of writing done before I hit the hay for the evening!

This weekend, I will be looking forward to:

  • The aforementioned writing. I’m doing quite well at it, and I’ve been able to apply a LOT of the stuff I’ve learned in the past couple of years. I’m quite happy now to strip out entire paragraphs if I feel that they’re not advancing character or plot, and replace or condense them with exciting, interesting reading!
  • Payday. This also means Lego Day, although I now have a <50% chance of getting a new minifig in the current minifig trading series. Will probably get a little Star Wars lego kit or something.
  • Friday Night at Casa de Me Amigo. Fun times modding games, good chat, and general awesomeness. Yes, we are very nerdy.
  • Jambalaya. I’ve not made it in a while, but it seemed like the thing to cook.

You guys have much in the way of a weekend planned?

Right, off to write more of my novel! Quite impressed I’ve made it to chapter 3 – The previous two attempts only ever just scraped past chapter 1. Progress!

Cheerio, and have a great one!