Hullo everybody, hope you’ve all had a great week and are looking forward to an even better weekend! I know I’ve been looking forward to it all week – I’m heading to see Jurassic World tomorrow with an old uni pal, but tonight I’ll be learning new recipes.

Indian cooking isn’t something I normally do; generally, I’m in a rush to have my dinner and crack on with the drawing load for the day, so I usually go for quick and simple Chinese or Chinese-style food, but Fridays are a welcome exception. Today, I’m going to try making my very first curry! I’ll be attempting a Chicken Saag curry. Separately, I’ll also be trying to make my own masala rub. Rishi’s, my new favourite Indian restaurant, does this amazing lamb chop platter which has just the greatest flabour you’ve ever tasted. This will be my attempt to recapture that dish, and hopefully set me down the path of creating more curries and whatnot!

Really looking forward to giving the recipes a shot! It’s great to have my own kitchen again, after a year of living with my folks. Not that I don’t enjoy my Mum’s cooking, of course – but the sense of satisfaction you get from making your own meals just can’t be beat!

See you all next week guys!