Hey everyone! That’s it, the end of Mei Wu book four! Phew! What a journey! I really hope you enjoyed it ­čÖé I love delving into the hidden world of the foxes every now and then, but I’m absolutely ready to jump back into the Elfy goings-on of the Elf Blood plot. I’m especially jazzed about the upcoming story, because we get to spend extra time with a group of characters we’ve only really seen glimpses of in other characters’ stories – The Pleiades, assistants to the Sages. The title of the story? “Hands of Mara II: Seven Sisters”.

Now, I will be taking a couple of weeks off storytelling, but I’ll be using this time to develop my first line of Hot Vinyl stickers, “Party Pack”, which you’ve already had a little taste of, so check back Mondays and Fridays for some new art – and please do comment on it, I’d love a bit of feedback!

When I start back up with Elf Blood, there will be a bit of a scheduling change – you’ll no doubt have noticed how much my schedule has slipped since the start of the year. This has been as a result of my day job demanding┬ámore of my time and energy, coupled with an increase in the amount of work that I’m doing for print, film, etc. and an increasingly active social life (one of the main reasons I moved back from Manchester). While I’m a bit loathe to do so, I’m going to have to cut back on my webcomic schedule to one day a week, Fridays. I’d rather have a more consistent schedule than keep stringing you along with dropped pages!

You’ll still get the same amount of story, but it’ll be told over a longer period of time. I’ll still alternate between Elf Blood and Mei Wu, of course! By freeing up my Sunday, when I normally work on the Monday page, not only can I make sure I’m getting the rest I need, but I can also focus more on other artistic endeavours too, which I’m absolutely excited about and will most definitely share with you all ­čÖé Maybe eventually, I’ll be able to kick it back up to twice a week – I’d love to be able to do that!

Anyway, best be heading off. Have a great weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you on Monday for a Hot Vinyl render!