Why do supermarkets in the UK not stock watermelon juice? I mean, surely out of all the fruits it must be the easiest to produce juice from? I freakin’ love watermelon juice, and you get it in most hotels, so why can’t I buy it? Do I have to be part of some sort of weird cult or elite club to get some? Who the hell is guarding all the watermelons and the juicers that go with them? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I sure do love having actual slices of watermelon and eating them, but watermelon juice just concentrates the delicious melony flavour in an easily transported form!

… As you can tell, I’ve not really got much to talk about today. Although my haste is precipitated by a number of things, i.e. I’m desperate to get away to do a spot of short story writing and then cap off the day with a bit of exploration of the massive new Starbound update. It’s been a busy week, with not much chance for creative work beyond Elf Blood, but we’ll get there, we’ll get there!

Anyhoozles, will see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend, everyone!