Okay class, the following post is directed at those engaged in UK politics, so the rest of you are free to leave or stay as you please.

In the run-up to November 11th, it becomes increasingly important to pay close attention to what we are sharing and saying on Facebook. One major problem that I’m seeing crop up here and there is the sharing of photos from an organisation that calls itself ‘Britain First’.

Britain First are far from the patriotic guardians of Britain’s future that they portray themselves as. They are, in fact, a motley collection of thugs, racists, sectarians, and fascists. They are the most reprehensible type of political scum, who prey on well-meaning folk through the liberal application of trickery, deceit, and exploitation.

What’s worse is that these brownshirt-wannabes have managed to bilk people out of their cash. These folk have donated to Britain First off the back of a picture of a starving dog, or a photo of a poppy with some faux-inspirational text surrounding it. But does this money ever go to the RSPCA, or to the Royal British Legion?

Does it hell.

This money instead disappears into the coffers of Britain First, who haven’t published jot ONE on how they want to use the money. They are despicable, like an upgraded version of the cowards who bilk pensioners out of money to fund their own pathetic lifestyles.

If you support Britain First, you support Fascism.

Don’t be fooled – Arm yourselves with knowledge.