So, they’ve revived 90s TV Gameshow Catchphrase. For the non-Brits reading this, Catchphrase is basically pictionary in gameshow format, and was staple evening viewing during the 90s for kids and adults alike. It was fun, and everyone could pitch in to guess what popular saying was being portrayed on screen. It’s well worth looking up and having a go yourself!

But, like I said, they’ve revived the show. Except it’s.. Different. No, they haven’t changed the format. Yes, they’ve changed the presenter and the graphics, but that’s not it. Well, okay, the graphics are genuinely horrendous, compared to the humorously grotesque renderings of the original, but that’s beside the point.

No, new catchphrase seems to have gone out of its way to pick contestants whose knowledge and common sense seem… Questionable, at best. The host has no chemistry with them whatsoever, and as a result the whole show feels like a cringeworthy, lacklustre exercise in futility. It lacks the charm, the good-natured fun, and generally the feel of worthwhile challenge that the original had. Instead, it’s quite clear that the producers are trying to tap into a feeling of nostalgia, but are unwilling (or, perhaps, unable) to actually reproduce what made the original good, clean, family fun. One must wonder; is the show targeting less-able contestants so as to lower the bar and flesh out the demographic to which they are appealing? Or are we, as a nation, as a general public, getting dumber?

Okay, I concede that the final statement was kind of harsh and maybe a little judgemental. But I dare you to watch new Catchphrase (or pretty much any modern, standard gameshow for that matter) and tell I’m wrong!