Hey everyone – not too much to say today. I’m just glad that, so far as I know, nobody I know was hurt in the Manchester attack this week. Even though I don’t live there anymore, even though I moved back because I was missing Glasgow – Manchester was once my home. And the people there are tough. They won’t be beaten. There’s a reason the city’s emblem is the worker bee – they get shit done, through all sorts of adversity, and if you mess with them you’ll find they’re more than capable of holding their own.

On a wider note, remember that these types of attacks aren’t representative of the Muslim community any more than deranged gunmen represent white males. This is a time for grief. This is a time for anger. But it is also a time for patience, love, and understanding. Blaming communities who have legitimately done all they can will get us nowhere. Paranoid grandstanding and subtle prejudice will get us nowhere. The only way forward is for us to unite in the same direction – against hatred, against fear, against those who would control us for their own selfish ends.

Buddha taught of the four noble truths: There is suffering. The way out of suffering doesn’t lie in creating more suffering, more empty or vengeful desire. The path to happiness lies in realising the root of what causes this suffering, not in persecuting others. We must then work together to overcome the root of this suffering, and that root is desire – when some have more than many, when many are threatened day on day, how can there not be desire? When the cause of this desire and suffering is rectified, we may then move forward – toward the future, toward enlightenment. Hell, towards living another year in the face of nature. But we’ll all move together.