Ahoy thar all, MERRY HOLIDAY TIME! Only half a day of work to get through, then it’s off on me hols. Thoroughly looking forward to the first week of pure art, and then two weeks of catching up with friends and family back up north.

Anyway, just a short update today as I need to finish a sticker for a friend and wrap up presents I need to hand out at work. And it’s 0130 already, boo! Well, I’ll just have to set up a really loud alarm, I guess!

Right, I’m off to fix these things up. Enjoy today’s comic, and I’ll see you Monday! Assuming the UK hasn’t been blown off its moorings by the aptly named Hurricane Bawbag (I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be Scottish to get that one, but I assure you, it’s accurate).

Festive M.