So, today I got a little award from work, a token of recognition for the things that I’ve done since starting this new job. It’s amazing how much a gesture like this is, and how little the material reward actually matters – it was the letter detailing the reasons for my award that really bucked me up and gave me that good feeling, the recognition itself that was the ultimate reward.

Recognition is important, whether it’s in the workplace or outside, and I don’t feel people get or give it as much as they should. Most people, if they’re happy and satisfied with a service or a product, will simply move on without saying so much as a thank you. They will only say something when they are disappointed, to complain.

What recognising someone’s work does for them is to encourage them, not just to hit the next target and get more recognition, but to assure them that they’re doing things right. That what they do is valued by others. That they matter, they’re important. It boosts self-esteem, and makes the person actually sit down and realise that they are actually doing good work.

So, go on – make someone feel as good as I do today, and let them know that they’re doing a good job! Doesn’t matter how little the job, as long as you can see that they’re giving their all, recognise their work!