Ahoy thar all! It’s that time, that sad, sorrowful time, wherein I show you the very last 10-minute short story I wrote as part of a writing workshop… Hope you enjoyed them!

Also, I believe I’m becoming addicted to Sunflower seeds. Better than getting addicted to Poppy seeds, right enough 😛

Story Prompt: A character needs to find the source of the noise (I may have tried to be overly smart with this one)


Lat nights were never good in the lab, especially now that Kevin’s overtime allotment had all been used up. He was now her eonly to prove that he was still good at his job, still worth something to the company.

He returned to his workstation, a fresh cup of what was frequently rumoured to be coffee in his hand. Seating himself behind the keyboard, he accepted the ‘job complete’ prompt on his screen. The machine to his right hissed and gurgled, draining fluid away into the dump vats below.

Peering through the observation window, Kevin slammed his fist against the metal housing in frustration. Within lay a glistening glob of flesh, an imperfect hear with a bubble on the side and far too many valves on top.

Another failure.

How could this be happening? He had gotten top marks in his organ design classes at uni, how could he be failing so badly in something he had years of experience in? He just couldn’t trace the corruption in the code, but something he had done was screwing everything up, and he had wasted thousands of company dollars in a pointless search that had yielded no answers. All he could do was keep developing, keep testing.

He heard a noise behind him. It was the annoying, fresh-faced grad. Kevin realised with great irritation that he had stayed in the lab all night, again. The grad was hunched over, scrutinising his code. He turned to Kevin, with a self-satisfied smirk.

“You know you’re using the wrong compiler, right?”

Kevin pressed his forehead into the organ tank housing.

“… dammit.”


See you all again on Monday!