Hey everyone, just a quick one today – a little observation that, when people talk about battling mental illness, it’s almost a literalism. I’m alright, but I’ve spent most of today actively having to fight against a little surge in my low-self esteem. It’s not much fun having to constantly re-guide myself back towards the task at hand, actively straining against long stretches of fruitless introspection, painful reminiscing and ultimately self-pitying google searches. It stretches the day out and leaves me tired and emotionally drained, as I constantly dance between wanting to throw myself into my work or wanting to find someone to spill my guts to.

So the next time you hear somebody talk about how they’re battling depression, or anxiety, or some other mental illness, remember that it truly is a fight – a fight against themselves. And they may need your support to win the war.

Keep talking, folks! Talking is good, and offering your help to those in need is the only way forward for many 🙂

Ciao for now everyone! I’ll see you on Friday!